Wickersley visits Charles Duna

TRY Ecosystems in partnership with Calabash Trust facilitated an implementation workshop at Charles Duna Primary School in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. 22 UK students and parents joined 20 to 30 local community members, students and school parents for 5 days to begin the first stage of a permaculture designed food garden. The stakeholder engagements, research and design prior to the arrival of Wickerlsey was funded by Hella Automotive as part of the ABCD and arts process also mentioned under News.

Over the 5 days a 22 000L ferrocement water tank was built and the ground work was laid for the school food and medicine garden. The earth works included a water harvesting channel and berm, key-hole garden beds, 4 banana circle pits and tree holes.

Annually 200 000L of rain water will be flowing into the ferrocement tank, assuming a 400mm average yearly rainfall. Any overflow will be directed into the level water channel. The water channel will also harvest 152 000L per year off the parking lot. To prevent flooding a simple swivel pipe valve has been incorporated at the mouth of the channel.

Next year we will continue working with the parents in the garden…

Here are pictures showing the developments…

charles duna before

Digging swales…

garden swale digging

garden swale digging2


working together

principal of the school working

working together tree


Ferrocement water tank building process…

ferro cement tank start2

ferro cement tank foundation

ferro cement tank first layer

ferro cement tank first layer2

ferro cement preparing wire

preparing wire

ferro cement tank wire setup

ferro cement tank first layer first layer wire

starting cementing 2



ferro cement tank almost done

ferro cement tank full

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