What we have been up to at Charles Duna

Here is an update from the Calabash Trust team:

The progressive schooling environment has many role players and all role players are called on to pull up their socks to knee level. A lot of undesired outcomes can result if one or more of the role players in any form drop the ball placed in their hands and often it is the students – children – who suffer the most from these undesired outcomes. In schooling environments these role players are namely parents, teachers and students but in under resourced areas we often see NPO’s coming in to play a supporting role in as well.

Calabash Trust, thanks to the support of Grants-in-Aid, Hella Automotive and individual donors, has been engaging at Charles Duna as a supporting partner offering extra mural workshops in drama and permaculture gardening with Xolisa Ngubelanga being facilitator for drama, Alhyrian Laue and Simpiwe Kaya facilitating the permaculture process. This is part of our mission to facilitate community members taking more ownership of their community’s school.

In his sessions Xolisa has been working hard to foster an understanding between the role players; parents and students as to what role the parents and principal of their school are. Videos were compiled of the interpretations of parents and students on what a day as the principal entails, as well as what it takes to be a supportive parent. Here are some of the visuals from those exercises.

Continuing from last year’s permaculture design and implementation (please see previous news posts) – including a visit from Wickersley College – we had environmental education with the children and parents after school. Practical environmental education taking place where learning resources are being developed based on a process of integrating local knowledge-what the children and community know already- with additional knowledge of permaculture consultant, Alhyrian Laue.

Here are some pictures of the practical permaculture lessons…

IMG_3512 (600 x 400) IMG_3522 (600 x 400)

IMG_3563 (400 x 600) IMG_3596 (400 x 600)

Here are some photos of the drama and poetry lessons by Xolisa Ngubelanga, assisted by parents at the school mentioned above…

IMG_3894 (600 x 400) IMG_3904 (600 x 400)

IMG_4161 IMG_4190 IMG_4167 IMG_4170 IMG_4186

We also had a showcase of the above works where other parents and community members were invited to attend. A great turnout with a lot of laughter and lessons.




We will now continue at Charles Duna with Environmental Education and Drama lessons once a week, with one of the aims turning their little garden into a potential business opportunity…we will let you know how everything progresses after the second term…

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