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WB Tshume Grade R Teachers’ Experiences


The pre grade R’s have had a much more interesting learning experience with the valuable learning material sent by Keith and Janice Griffin earlier this year.

The two teachers who has been supported by the Royal Wootton Bassett Rotary Club in the UK are depicted in the pictures above; Malefu on the left and Bajabulile Zonke on the right. They have been volunteering their time, educating the little learners, hoping to become full-time employees by the Department of Education. In our experience this procedure can take a while, so in the meantime, the support they have received has really motivated them and taken financial pressure off their shoulders a bit.

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Some of the themes the children have been learning about include shapes, colours, animals, the body, seasons as well as transportation. “Sharing stories with picture books has made teaching easier when teaching the children, as they get to understand what I am illustrating”, says Bajabulile. Story books seem to get the children’s attention,  they are enthusiastic when she reads, to a point where they frequently start asking questions and laugh when reading to them.

Bajabulile shares that there is a proud feeling she gets when the children can confidently know what certain shapes are, what transportation they can use in the surrounding areas and them knowing what clothing to wear when seasons change. Her knowing that the resources she has in the class are working to their benefit makes preparing lessons more interesting. The most interesting lesson she believes the kids have enjoyed is when they make the children understand the importance of family which makes them realise where they belong.


Linda’s Story: Nutrition

My name is Linda Bartman and I am at WB Tshume as the nutrition volunteer assisting Calabash with the Grade R nutrition. Firstly I would like to thank Calabash Trust for choosing me as a support parent at the school. They say we are all chosen for a specific reason and the Calabash experience came at the right time for me as I was unemployed. I am part of the Permaculture (organic gardening) group at the school and also working towards opening an organic foods tuck-shop for the children. This was suppose to be open this year already but as with all development work, unforeseen circumstances often come into play, causing delay.

I truly enjoy permaculture even more when I am busy working in the garden and the children will come and assist me and they are interested about gardening. Some have gardens at their homes. When the school kids help me in the garden it makes working so much better and enjoyable. I know that when working with them there will be a lot of questions to answer and such questions revitalize your mind as well so you never age.

Permaculture is not just about gardening, it also has lessons that can be adopted into life. I motivate myself every day that I must not give up on life and I must keep on doing good work. Forget what you see with the physical eye and envision the bigger picture. One should love the task they have been given and not look back, as the result will be very good.

My goal is to teach other people and encourage people to have their own gardens at their homes.

I personally like challenges that help a person grow, I have grown so much through the help of Calabash. Some challenges will whisper for you to stop what you are doing and when that hits me, I jump up my bed and say “NO, IM DOING IT!”

I would like to thank the funders for their funding which makes this project at WB Tshume such a success. They must not get tired of people as sometimes you are in a project and you have no clue as to where it will take you. That’s why some people never last at these projects. But, I must say, once you get to see the bigger picture and all of a sudden you get it, you can’t help but feel joy and want to share it. This is our world and we need to recreate it as we are the ones who live in it. There are good people like us, my members and I, to do the work.

Be assured that we are doing great things and we are moving to greater heights with the project at Tshume and all the other schools. In January I will open my tuckshop at the schools, with food made from the garden which is all organic. I thank God for the amazing people I work with, I knew that there was something different about all of this, there was a connectivity.

  • Linda Bartman




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