Volunteers and Universities

Part of the work of Calabash has been to ensure that through international relationships, we are able to continue the skills sharing programmes we initiated in 2006. We had a great start to the year in that regard, with a number of skilled volunteers being placed in schools, working with and alongside local teachers, as well as having two skilled volunteers placed at the Emmanuel Care and Advice Centre, which is a palliative care programme for those people infected or affected by HIV.

In addition, we had lots and lots of youthfully skilled energy from the student teachers from Sheffield Hallam University, who were placed in four local primary schools. This international relationship is in its third year, and was a great success again. No doubt, local teachers learnt some new teaching methods for the students, but the students definitely learnt a huge amount from the South African teachers. Each student was paired up with one or more local teachers, and began by observing classes, then teaching collaboratively with local teachers, and finally being given the opportunity to teach, under the watchful eye of local teachers.

Each time we have the opportunity to host international partnerships, we realise again how powerful a learning tool they are, for both parties. We look forward to continuing to build our partnerships around the globe, making tourism work for the local community.

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