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After an orientation of the township, you will visit two local residents who will share their “untold stories” with you. These are ordinary people, with extraordinary tales. Some of the story tellers tell tales of our political past. Some tell of their life as township artists, and how their African roots influence their work. Other will tell of the joy of raising a family, despite sometimes trying conditions. Our story tellers are real people, and their love of life and visitors have prompted them to open their lives to you. Food is an excellent way to come together, so expect to be well fed. Dinner or lunch is included.

The Details:

  • This is an unscheduled tour, so booking in advance is essential.
  • Minimum 2 people.
  • It can be conducted in the morning or late afternoon.
  • It includes lunch or dinner, at home, with a story teller.
  • Our guides are expert facilitators.
  • Cost R 800 per person.

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