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Shebeens were previously the illegal drinking houses or Inns particular to South Africa and found within the township communities.

Calabash Tours will take you on an unforgettable journey to experience the diversity of the townships, before relaxing at one of our carefully selected Shebeens for drinks and dinner. Enjoy the unbeatable hospitality of our African hosts and absorb the convivial community atmosphere with the locals.

Most tourist accommodation is found in areas of the city where there is little opportunity to mingle with the ordinary South African. Our guides are in constant contact with our local taverners and as a result are able to select the best venues for local entertainment and hospitality.

Shebeen tours have proven overwhelmingly popular as an opportunity for visitors to participate in ordinary life. In a city with a reputation for its friendliness, the experience is made all the more rewarding.

Join us…chances are you will find it hard to leave!

The Details:

  • Departs daily at 16:00 until 19:30 for a minimum of two people.
  • Pick up and drop off from your Hotel, Bed and Breakfast or Backpacker
  • The guides are locals, professionals, and tell good stories.
  • Includes a thorough orientation of the townships, and a meal in a Shebeen.
  • Safe vehicles, with all required insurances.
  • Fair Trade Tourism Accredited.
  • Cost: R 800 per person

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