Reeds visit to WB Tshume

We welcomed Reed’s College again for their annual visit – this time at WB Tshume Primary School to add a water tower for a drip system for additional¬†pressure for watering, to harvest more water from the bottom building’s roof in a 5000L tank, to extend the water connecting, to add darker shadecloth on the back of the nursery, to plant more trees and plants, and to build a netball court (photos of the netball court will follow)…

The annual Sports Day was also hosted where 1000 children from 10 schools converged for a day of competitive fun. Rugby, Soccer and Netball. We are greatful to DSRAC for sponsoring 1000 food parcels, trophies and medals. Thanks Reeds College for sponsoring the transport.

We will also be painting a mural on behalf of Reeds College early next year…

preparing beds

Preparing beds…

preparing beds almost done

initial plants

school kids helping

working together

Preparing a banana pit for they grey water system

banana pit grey water

Building a water tower with Hugh Laue from TRY Ecosystems

water tower

water tower 2

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