Reed’s visit Emafini

Reeds arrived in Port Elizabeth with an energy that was ready to kick start working at the Emafini permaculture project and other various activities they had planned for their week.

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The Reeds College and Calabash partnership is one that has been ongoing for years and this year it was based on continuing the work done previously.

The group spilt itself into two. One group would continue the work on the field and also continue working on the Ferro cement tanks, which was to be built at Emafini grounds, whilst the rest went ahead to teach at the various schools.

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They came in with a plan of teaching various subjects at partner schools as part of the program, subjects included social science, geography, math and main stream science to the scholars. We currently work with nine partner schools and each school had an opportunity of a day visit from Reeds.

During teaching, Reeds students were working in pairs and had prepared lessons for the grade 7’s, at each school, which was received very well and teachers were impressed with the lessons they had prepared. It was a foreign curriculum for the students but they managed to adapt and enjoy the variety of knowledge they were receiving. Handouts were made and a lot of classroom involvement took place, it definitely was exciting for the learners.

When the first group arrived at Emafini, Reeds College tackled the school sports field which has been part of the project previously. Top soil was laid then leveled down, all hands in the group and the Emafini learners spent the day with Reeds making sure they did all they could do to prepare the field. Due to Port Elizabeth’s shy weather the process delayed because of the heavy rain showers that week. Regardless, the ground work had been done.



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After Reed’s returned home and the rain subsided, the school pulled together as a great team and planted the grass. We are sure those children will one day be able to look back proudly at the sports field that they played on and planted themselves.

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The third phase of Emafini project involved the installation of Ferro cement tanks for the school grounds. The Emafini caretakers, Calabash Trust associates and Reeds students were tanked into the process. The purpose for these tanks is to catch water to irrigate the field. Alhyrian, Calabash Trust’s Permaculture associate, has spent months preparing the Emafini irrigation plans and process which were to be  followed through.

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The group rotated between the field works, teaching at the various schools, preparing the zone 1 garden where even the Emafini scholars spent their break time and after school to help Reeds, not to mention the sports day!

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That was the beauty of the Emafini School. The spirit of togetherness was truly exhibited as much as Reeds was here to help the school students felt the need to show Reeds that they were not alone, a lot could be done if they all worked together.

Emafini Progress

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