Home is where the heart is.

The townships of Port Elizabeth are home to the majority of citizens of NelsonMandelBay. It is where the major changes of the past 20 years of democracy are most visible. Its home to the proud, friendly and engaging Xhosa people who have made it their home for the last 100 years. We have developed some products to serve a variety of interests, and all are guaranteed to be beneficial to hosts and visitor.

The Beating Drum

The drum is like the heartbeat of Africa. After an orientation of the township, you will meet some young passionate drummers, who will share with you their love of drumming, and what drums mean in African Culture. And then its your turn, as the drummers run a workshop for those of us with less rhythm!

Stories of Hope

Townships are home to some interesting, inspiring people. Join us on a Journey of Hope as we visit some amazing self-help projects, where community members will explain their work, and show you around the projects. From burgeoning vegetable gardens, to community care workers, this visit will leave you in awe.

Schools at the heart of the Community

This tour will take you into the heart of the township community – its schools. It is here, where despite many challenges, we can introduce you to teachers and principals who are making a difference.  These visits are well co-ordinated to minimise any disruptions to learning, and give a wonderful insight to the opportunities schools are creating for ordinary township children.

The Details:

  • These are not scheduled and are run on a private basis.
  • Minimum 2 people.
  • Includes pick up and drop off from your Hotel or Backpacker.
  • Our guides are expert facilitators.
  • Cost R 800 per person.

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