Madosini and Pedro the Music Man in PE!

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music_workshops_by_madosini_and_pedro_the_music_man Pedro Mofolo

Madosini, one of the best players of the Xhosa traditional instruments na  med Isitolotolo, Mhube and Uhadi. The first is called Jew’s Harp in English and the other two are musical bows using the mouth or a calabash as a resonator to amplify twhe notes produced by the string of a bow. HER music takes us to the well springs of music and leaves us entranced at the sight of such rich instruments producing so many melodies and rhythms at the same time.

Madosini has played in festivals all over the world and collaborated with many famous musicians such as Gilberto Gil, Ringo and Thandisa Maswai. Madosini’s music carries the earliest roots of Jazz and she is busy recording a CD as MadoJazz, a fusion group bringing in Pedro and several other musicians to extend her music into the realm of Jazz.

Her unique knowledge of early African stories was recognized recently and during the last few years she has been part of the “Stories from Cave to Cave” project funded by the European Economic Community Cultural Fund.  As part of this programme she has been telling her powerful stories in South Africa, Spain, France and Italy. She is a born story teller.

Though Madosini is making a name for herself in the preservation of indigenous music and stories of the Eastern Cape, globally hers is a lonely journey. As African folk tales and music is constantly ignored by mainstream media. Madosini is a human treasure and library of tradition.

Pedro was born in Spain and went to live in France with his family at the age of eight… “I came to South Africa as a nineteen-year old with my two older brothers in 1972 to make our living as professional musicians.  Not long after I arrived here I had the good fortune to be introduced to African music by Andrew Tracey and I began what became my lifelong career, learning and teaching in this field. I established the African music programme at the University of Cape Town and went on to establish and direct the music department at the Giyani College of Education. I continue to run teacher-training programs for education authorities and NGOs across Southern Africa. As much as I am committed to teaching, I also love my work as a performer, musician, composer and story-teller. I became well-known in South Africa as “Pedro the Music Man” from my long-running television series in 1990’s.  I often perform at conferences, schools and festivals in Europe and the USA.  In 2010 I created the Vuvuzela Orchestra as a link between music education and the Soccer World Cup. I have performed with Madosini for many years now and are about to publish our first CD as the MadoJazz group playing with Hilton Schilder and Jonny Blundel.”

These living legends and African assets will be in Port Elizabeth sharing the beauty of the Eastern Cape’s albeit forgotten treasures. This aging tree of wisdom need not stand alone anymore as opportunity to stand beside her in the preservation and enjoying of Eastern Cape’s music traditions arises.

Madosini will be performing at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in New Brighton on 19 November 2015, 18:00 at R50 adults and R40 student/pensioner.

Small children have a special fee of R30 and parents are encouraged to bring their children. “We should fill such showcases with as many children as possible because although adults might have recall of the sounds of indigenous music and stories it is only by introducing these treasures to the young ones that we can have any hope of our tradition not be forgotten.” Zwai Mgijima

On the day of Madosini’s performance Mdali (Music, Drama, Arts and Literature Institute) facilitated by Xolisa Ngubelanga at Cowan High School on creative and essay writing will be launching its second booklet of writings collected from Grade 8 and 9 pupils from the school.

“Intelligence is vast at Cowan High and in all township schools; one can say a common limp is a shortage of literacy. The literal means of expressing their intelligence whether: visual, musical even financial. I don’t teach intelligence I only expose the children to literacy mainly through reading and writing.” Xolisa Ngubelanga

For information and tickets call Calabash Trust on 041 582 2221 or Zengele Dunjana 073 274 7379

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