Lavela Early Childhood Development Centre

We are truly proud of our partner and teacher, Nomonde, who runs Lavela ECDC on the grounds of Joe Slovo Primary School. Thanks to a group of local sponsors, organised by our co-founder Marion Gate and Liz Carpy who support this little centre, Nomonde has been able to mobilise parents to pay a small monthly fee towards a much needed assistant teacher, the children have been on numerous annual outings, they receive healthy daily meals, and their reports show amazing results!

It is our hope that the centre becomes self-sustainable, especially after Nomonde completes her final level of Grade R teacher education this year. However, it is uncertain how long it will take to get support from the Department of Education and Social Development (which will be her next step to explore), so we will continue our partnership for as long as possible to ensure those children continue to receive their education and nutrition.

Here are a few pictures of gifts received from Rotary, Tree of Joy, earlier this year…more pictures to follow of them saying good-bye to Marion Gate, who returned to Scotland…

IMG-20150227-WA006 IMG-20150227-WA005  IMG-20150227-WA003 IMG-20150227-WA002



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