As part of offering authentic opportunities to engage and interact with local communities, Calabash Tours offers volunteer placements for individual volunteers.

We have initiated community partnerships with 7 local primary schools, as well as a community care organisations, and a variety of other community based organisations, which need assistance from volunteers.

Our volunteer stays are from a minimum of 4 weeks. They are ethical and responsible, and you can expect full disclosure on how your volunteer fees are spent. And you can choose a range of accommodation options, from staying with a family in the community where you are working (which we recommend) to staying in a hotel, B&B or even back packer hostel.

Calabash Tours works hard to ensure that your volunteer placement is rich and rewarding for you, but that it essentially serves the local community too. We focus primarily on ways to ensure that skills are shared, and that mutual learning takes place.

As we work with vulnerable adults and children, we do require a screening process for all our volunteers. For this reason, we have developed a strong working relationship with the sending organisation ‘people and places’ who are world leaders in responsible volunteering. If you wish to apply to volunteer with us, please follow this link to apply.