After working according to permaculture principles on projects since 2012, our community partners received an opportunity to do Geoff Lawton’s onlineĀ permaculture design course this year. Geoff Lawton is one of the leading permaculture teachers and designer in the world, and offers an internationally recognised certificate upon completion.

We were happy to be given this opportunity through ourĀ associate, Alhyrian Laue, in partnership with Pierre-Louis Lemercier from Renewable Energy Centre (REC) and support from Janet Cherry from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) and Grants-in-Aid.

The group attends 3 mornings a week at Missionvale campus, and we are all excited to see where opportunities for them and Calabash Trust might lead afterwards.

Some pictures of the process so far, with more to follow with our news after the 2nd term…

IMG_4633 IMG_4621 IMG_4299 IMG_4047 IMG_3998

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