Two Dutch interns who stayed in South Africa for four months doing their Music Therapy Internship in Port Elizabeth volunteered to help a group of children at WB Tshume Primary School make musical instruments from waste materials. The project was set up informally between the Dutch interns and Calabash Trust with the purpose of adding value to the learning and […]

Milani outing

The Milani ladies who look after the permaculture food gardens at WB Tshume and Emzomncane Primary Schools enjoyed an outing to Redhouse to learn about Alhyrian Laue’s permaculture system (TRY Ecosystems) at his house, and to relax a bit! it was also one of the longest standing members, Ma Esmina’s birthday (lady with the white top and denim skirt)…

ABCD Animation

Here is an animation we’ve been working on to explain the basics of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) – the development approach we are working with that underpins all our work… Thank you to Luc van der Walt from True Colours for doing the animation, Ami Hawley from Pippin for the beautiful voice, and Steven (Joff) Carter for refining…. It […]

Lavela Early Childhood Development Centre

In 2004, as tourists visited the informal settlement known as Ramaphosa, it was felt that the community should benefit in some way from tourism. The community approached Calabash Trust and after many meetings the main need identified by the community was for a nutrition scheme and early childhood development. Thanks to the generosity of a UK school and a British […]

Qhamani Garden Club at WB Tshume

The newly formed environmental group having fun at WB Tshume Primary School…they decided to call themselves Qhamani Garden Club, meaning “to have more” or “abundance”. They also decided that they want to be involved in order to make their school strong and beautiful,  full of plants, trees, flowers, water, healthy soil, vegetables and fruit! They therefore want to “raise their […]

Reeds visit to WB Tshume

We welcomed Reed’s College again for their annual visit – this time at WB Tshume Primary School to add a water tower for a drip system for additional pressure for watering, to harvest more water from the bottom building’s roof in a 5000L tank, to extend the water connecting, to add darker shadecloth on the back of the nursery, to plant […]

ABCD and arts at Charles Duna

Building on the asset based workshops we’ve been running in partnership with schools, we decided to add an arts component to the workshop at Charles Duna in New Brighton to share what was learnt with others in the community. The group consisted of 22-25 volunteer parents, with the purpose of introducing ABCD as a paradigm and practice, participating in art […]

Huckleberry visits Samkelwe in Addo

Winter is usually our time hosting international schools and partners like Huckleberry Foundation, who were in Nomatansanqa township in Addo, working with Samkelwe Secondary School. We had a great sports day again. Thanks Samkelwe, it was great! Welcoming… Sports day…

ABCD in Alice

We were asked by Ikhala Trust to co-facilitate a workshop with representatives from 12 community organisations in and around Alice, forming part of a network initiated by a local organisation called Somila. Altogether 24 people participated on the 1st day, and 26 people on the 2nd day. The workshop was made possible by funding from the Mott Foundation through Ikhala […]

ABCD at Joe Slovo

On the 24th and 25th of June Calabash facilitated an Asset Based Community-led Development workshop. The group consisted of mothers from the Lavela Early Childhood Development Centre at Joe Slovo Primary School, and a group of women who has started their own initiatives in and around Joe Slovo community. Altogether 19 women participated on the 1st day, and 15 women […]