Volunteers and Universities

Part of the work of Calabash has been to ensure that through international relationships, we are able to continue the skills sharing programmes we initiated in 2006. We had a great start to the year in that regard, with a number of skilled volunteers being placed in schools, working with and alongside local teachers, as well as having two skilled […]

Chiswick Winter School at Charles Duna

We ran a very successful winter school for Grade 6 and 7 learners from Charles Duna Primary with Chiswick School UK. The focus was on life orientation, maths, literacy and sporting activities. We also took a joint environmental outing to SA Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre (SAMREC), to learn about our marine shores, and the penguin rehabilitation work being done. […]

Charles Duna Sports Day

A great inter-schools sports day held at Charles Duna Primary School earlier this year… The netball court was built in partnership with Reed’s School in 2013, which has attracted more sporting activities and even netball trainers from Germany who volunteered at the school for almost a year. A sports field developed by Berwick College in 2013 was officially opened on the […]

Alhyrian Laue, Calabash Trust consultant facilitated an ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ workshop for the Mother’s Union at the Anglican Church together with two ladies from a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) CBO in Walmer Township. This was done in partnership with Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Project for Conflict Resolution and Development (PCRD) and Eastern Cape Gay and Lesbian Association (ECGLA)… […]

Women from the Mother’s Union of the Anglican Church in Walmer visited the permaculture system at WB Tshume to learn and share knowledge. They started their own garden around their church based on permaculture principles. Explaining the water harvesting system Explaining swales and the benefits of planting different trees, herbs, pioneers and crops in the same space… The Redhouse Garden […]

We were excited to have most of our partners in the same room to celebrate and acknowledge those who helped make this project come to life…here are some pictures of the morning’s activities… African Bank funders, WB Tshume and Calabash coming together… An old pupil from WB Tshume who is now a Minister was asked to open with prayer… Our […]