Lion Park Incident

Calabash Tours was not involved in the Lion Park incident. We have had several media enquiries and now a Facebook posting about the Lion Park incident where an American Tourist was killed by a lion in the park. The operator involved was a Kalabash Tours based in Gauteng. We are in Port Elizabeth. That’s definitely not us! We do not support […]

Sophakama Community Partnership

Calabash Trust was recently given the privilege of partnering with Sophakama Community Partnership, situated in the beautiful Karoo town of Pearston. In April, Calabash took over the management role from Jade Jacobsohn, who is the founder of this dynamic group and project. It is an extension of our work in schools, where we will learn and share best practice from […]

Hi everybody…we have a new project starting at Emafini Primary School, Kwadwesi, Port Elizabeth this month, and need some assistance – could you please help us spread the word for the following persons needed (more details attached in the document): Rough Project Plan for Emafini Primary School_Civil Engineer needed A civil Engineer to assist with developing a sports field (or […]

Lavela Early Childhood Development Centre

We are truly proud of our partner and teacher, Nomonde, who runs Lavela ECDC on the grounds of Joe Slovo Primary School. Thanks to a group of local sponsors, organised by our co-founder Marion Gate and Liz Carpy who support this little centre, Nomonde has been able to mobilise parents to pay a small monthly fee towards a much needed […]

After working according to permaculture principles on projects since 2012, our community partners received an opportunity to do Geoff Lawton’s online permaculture design course this year. Geoff Lawton is one of the leading permaculture teachers and designer in the world, and offers an internationally recognised certificate upon completion. We were happy to be given this opportunity through our associate, Alhyrian Laue, in […]

What we have been up to at WB Tshume

Our ongoing partnership with WB Tshume Primary school this year has so far included many activities thanks to the ongoing support of Grants-in-Aid and individual donors, particularly the Royal Wootton Bassett Rotary Club in the UK. After school environmental education with the Qhamani Garden Club, where between 10-15 (sometimes more!) children attend practical garden/environmental lessons with our associate, Alhyrian Laue […]

What we have been up to at Charles Duna

Here is an update from the Calabash Trust team: The progressive schooling environment has many role players and all role players are called on to pull up their socks to knee level. A lot of undesired outcomes can result if one or more of the role players in any form drop the ball placed in their hands and often it […]

Green Destinations – Top 100

The Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 was created to celebrate the management efforts of the world’s most sustainable tourist destinations. The list is the result of open calls in the social media, followed by a selection process involving 30 international experts. Calabash Tours were chosen as one of the top 100 green destinations in the world in 2014! Another great way to […]

Dinner with Bantu

A nice way to start the year…our new partner, Xolisa, who we will be working with this year, received some coverage for his work over the festive season…wishing everybody a great 2015…! Please follow this link to read more about his work…Dinner with Bantu

Wickersley visits Charles Duna

TRY Ecosystems in partnership with Calabash Trust facilitated an implementation workshop at Charles Duna Primary School in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. 22 UK students and parents joined 20 to 30 local community members, students and school parents for 5 days to begin the first stage of a permaculture designed food garden. The stakeholder engagements, research and design prior to the […]