ABCD at Joe Slovo

On the 24th and 25th of June Calabash facilitated an Asset Based Community-led Development workshop. The group consisted of mothers from the Lavela Early Childhood Development Centre at Joe Slovo Primary School, and a group of women who has started their own initiatives in and around Joe Slovo community. Altogether 19 women participated on the 1st day, and 15 women on the 2nd day. The workshop was made possible by the Rein Miedema fund through Calabash Trust, and Ikhala Trust sponsored Nosimilo to co-facilitate and translate with Carla. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce parents and other community members to ABCD as a paradigm and practice, after some community members approached Calabash Trust with regards to starting/strengthening their own initiatives. A full report is available here – ABCD Workshop report_Joe Slovo


Group work…


Discussing the different types of poverty…


Presenting physical and natural assets of the community…


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